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What do you feed your cattle?


Our cattle enjoy a diet of natural grassy pastures for their lifetime. We don't supplement or ‘finish’ them off with any grain. They are grass fed & finished.



What is the difference between grass fed and grain fed beef?


Compared to grain fed beef (where cattle are given grain-heavy feedstock to fatten them up before slaughter) grass fed beef is lower in saturated fat and much higher in omega-3 fatty acids (good fat). Grass fed meat also has a much higher vitamin and minerals content.  Because grass fed meat is leaner, you need to cook it ‘low and slow.’



What is the best way to cook grassfed beef?


We will give you a cooking tips card when you first order from us. Refer to this for ideas about how to cook your grassfed meat to perfection!

What do you feed your pigs?

Our pigs freely range and graze in our open grassy fields. They are supplemented with grain feed. They are very happy pigs :)



What ingredients are in your meat & do you use preservatives?


Almost all our meat cuts are sold just as nature intended, butchered & packed with nothing else added. Our sausages contain a small amount of gluten free and preservative free meal mix. Our corned meat does contain some preservatives but you may substitute this (minimum order size 1/4 beef). Just contact us to discuss your needs. 



Are you Halal certified?


No, none of our meat products are Halal certified.

How fresh is your meat?


Our meat is extremely fresh! Depending on your location and where you fall on our delivery run, you will receive your meat within 24-72 hours of it being butchered and packaged.



How long can I leave the cryovaced meat in the fridge?


Cryovaccing has long been used as a method of ageing to improve flavor and tenderness of meat. This process vacuum seals the meat in an effort to maintain the quality by locking out all air. As long as the vacuum seal maintains its integrity, meat can be refrigerated for up to 6 weeks from the date its was packed (this is the date on the label). It’s important you check your packs regularly. Our meat has no preservatives so at the first sign of a loss of vacuum, it is vital you cook & consume or freeze the meat immediately. Reducing the handling of packs will help maintain the integrity of the seals. To preserve their shape our sausages aren't vacuumed as firmly as our other products. For this reason we recommend freezing sausages or watching closely if left in the fridge.  PORK MUST BE FROZEN as soon as possible after delivery as white meat is not suitable for ageing in cryovacced bags.



How long can I leave the cryovaced meat in the freezer?


As long as the seal remains in tact, cryovaced meat can be stored in the freezer for up to 12+ months. Cryovaccing is excellent for preventing freezer burn.



What is carcass weight?


Carcass weight refers to the ‘hot’ weight of a carcass immediately after slaughter.



Is the lamb from your farm?

We source lamb from a local sheep breeder to offer an alternative for them to market their produce. We personally ensure that all the lambs are grass fed & finished, & of exceptional quality. Occasionally due to short term shortages we may be unable to source fully grass fed lambs. In the event any grain asisted lambs are used we will advise you of this on our pricelist.


Are you organic?


We are not a certified organic farm. We control disease, pests & weeds on our farms, whilst making every effort to minimise any impact on the environment and our animals.